A better directory of the student body!

Yalies is a redesigned version of Yale's official Face Book, which provides contact information for Yale students. It displays data from the Face Book and Yale Directory, but through a more modern, better designed, and more secure interface. Unlike official Yale sources, Yalies is accessible only to undergraduates, and censors private details that we believe Yale should not divulge. Learn how to remove your data from Yale's official sources here.

Yalies also provides an API for student developers. The API powers numerous student projects and university services, including CourseTable, Yale Menus, Yale Research Database (RDB), Yale Daily News, Yalies.me, MailYale, Comethru, YPost, yale CLI, Ship, YES Internships, students in S&DS 315 and CPSC 490, and more.

Yalies is maintained by the Yale Computer Society.

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